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Unlike many venture capital funds, we operate a true partnership; not only providing funding, but also support, mentorship and infrastructure. Our team are experts in business turn around and start-ups. We have experience in scaling and exiting businesses. Our job is to help support the CEOs we invest in to grow their companies to be highly profitable, fast growth businesses built on robust processes and structures which means they will be able to realise an exit plan.

Backing People with Passion

As a fund we will consider applications from any industry. What our entrepreneurs all have in common is that they are passionate about their market and experts in their field. If you are passionate about what you do, committed to your clients and want to grow a company of real scale; we will always be willing to have a preliminary conversation with you.

What we are looking for

We are looking to back teams with entrepreneurial drive and work ethic. When you are a start-up you need to be willing to run through walls to get your business off the ground and create something you can be proud of. We are looking for people who are knowledge hungry, know their own strengths and limits and who wants to grow from being an excellent start-up into a world class business leader and CEO. While these are the key character traits we look for, there are a few minimum requirements that any joint venture team must meet.
• Talented entrepreneur with minimum 3 years’ experience and an impressive track record and reputation.
• A respected market expert with solid client and relationships in your industry.
• Gravitas and natural leadership skills with experience in attracting talent, and developing and incentivising teams.
• The ambition to build a market leading business rather than a lifestyle business and the work ethic to lead from the front and the drive to succeed.

Getting Results

AA Global Sourcing Ltd only invest in business turn around and start-ups. We personally invest into every business we back, so our aspirations are completely aligned. We work closely with every team to provide industry, commercial and logistical expertise to give all our partners the best chance of success. This is why, whilst only one in three venture capital backed start-ups survive their first year, in comparison, 100% of our start-ups are still going strong and we put a lot of emphasis on preserving our track record.

What We Do

• Capital investment
• Strategic planning
• Financial budgeting
• Exit planning

• Company set-up
• Help with website and branding
• Accounting and pay roll
• Systems, processes, infrastructure

• Support with talent attraction (organic growth)
• Support with Investment and M&A (inorganic growth)
• Global expansion advice and support
• Recruitment advice e.g. starting a contract or perm desk.

Development and mentoring
• Training available for all levels within your company
• One-on-one mentoring

What You Do
• Define the vision, culture and direction of the company and what you do
• Run the company day to day
• Make all hiring and personnel decision
• Manage your staff
• Make all strategic and operational decisions e.g. market, sectors and geographies
• Accountable for the performance of the company

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AA Global Sourcing Ltd funding and support to a group of elite entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective sectors.

In 2014 from a staggering 201 funding applications AA Global Sourcing Ltd funded 2 businesses.

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